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Pet project, Ghosticorn Apparel, now offers the money-spending convenience of online shopping! Browse the men’s and/or women’s collections and buy until your carpal tunnel syndrome acts up.

Ink on Paper • 9″x12″ • Private Collection

If music had calories, I’d be morbidly obese. Every once in a blue while I even get the urge to play “music critic” and share my opinion of a particular album. Since art is my mother tongue, it’s only logical that I deliver such reactions in pictorial form. To concoct a Sketchy Review, I listen to an entire album with a host of drawing materials within arm’s reach. I doodle what comes to mind, allowing the music to dictate subject, media, aesthetic and composition. Enjoy the ride.


The Ghosticorn press tsunami pummeled suburban shores this week thanks to our new friends at Philly Edge. We know, we know… you’re staring at the logo.


Philadelphia Weekly features a flattering blurbicle about my clothing line, Ghosticorn Apparel, in this week’s “Pop Rocks” column. Don’t read the article while drinking soda or you’ll explode.