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Ink on Envelope • The US Postal Service

One in a series of ornately addressed envelopes used to ship UsedWigs Radio T-shirts. The name has been swirled to protect the innocent.

Acrylic on Canvas • Grape Street

Two custom collaborations painted live at Manayunk’s Grape Street. As you can see, swirly is the new curly.

Acrylic on Paper • Sweet Mabel Gallery

When performing live, I typically invite an onlooker to begin the composition with a shape or two. I then attempt to incorporate the shape(s) into the work. During Friday evening’s reception at Sweet Mabel, a young volunteer began such a collaboration with a small robot. Lacking the ambiguity of a few random shapes, I was forced to complete the piece by adding a giant, robot-eating monster.

Acrylic and Aluminum on Canvas • Burlap & Bean

My contribution to the Red Bull-sponsored competition, Art of Can. I painted the black outlines live on stage during a performance with my band, The Hulihees. The musicians set the stage on (proverbial) fire with a rip-roaring jam as I flung paint onto canvas via a 1″ foam brush. Later, in my studio, I added color with additional paint and sliced up aluminum cans.

Ink on Kiddie Menu • Slickity Jim’s Chat ‘N Chew

On a recent trip to Vancouver, the Mrs. & I stumbled into a hip little eatery called Slickity Jim’s Chat ‘N Chew. The food was tasty and the deco was uniquely eclectic but the children’s menu was lame. I embellished the collection of hastily drawn entrées and handed it over for future duplication and distribution. Now young Chat ‘N Chew patrons have something substantial to color while waiting for their grilled cheese.

Acrylic on Paper & Canvas • Rarebreed Gallery

Whipping up some custom work for some customers during a reception at Philadelphia’s Rarebreed Gallery.

Acrylic on Paper • PodCamp Philly

Fellow UsedWigs Radio personality, Russ Starke, and I recently attended a local Podcasting expo called PodCamp Philly. In an effort to drum up some hoopla and hubbub, I decided to whip up a custom painting for anyone willing to brave the paint fumes. The unforeseen byproduct of performing in front of a gaggle of bloggers was the healthy crop of videos that popped up soon after:

  • Eric Skiff at Glitch NYC
  • Steve Garfield’s Video Blog
  • Christopher Penn
    Acrylic on Canvas • Backyard BBQ & Tritone Bar

    On Saturday, September 8th, The Hulihees and I strutted our stuff at two different venues. First, we rocked the pants and diapers off of dozens of families at a pal’s backyard BBQ. Later that night, we took the stage at Philadelphia’s favorite hip dive, Tritone. During both performances, I invited audience volunteers to paint a couple of lines or shapes on the canvases before I took over.

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