Acrylic on Paper • PodCamp Philly

Fellow UsedWigs Radio personality, Russ Starke, and I recently attended a local Podcasting expo called PodCamp Philly. In an effort to drum up some hoopla and hubbub, I decided to whip up a custom painting for anyone willing to brave the paint fumes. The unforeseen byproduct of performing in front of a gaggle of bloggers was the healthy crop of videos that popped up soon after:

  • Eric Skiff at Glitch NYC
  • Steve Garfield’s Video Blog
  • Christopher Penn
  • 5 Responses to “PodCamp Philly”
    1. J.K. says:

      You’re the best thing to happen to Art since the eraser,
      Noj Negak

    2. Brooke says:

      You are one cool dude Mr. Marrone 😉

    3. Anne says:

      Wonderful to get to see you work in real time. Love the new Blog/WEb site .. You are truly inspiring…

    4. Sammo says:

      Absolutely inspiring… Todd’s a true original.

    5. Todd Marrone says:

      Yep. They broke the mold and then killed the moldmaker and his family.