Archive for August, 2007

Ink on Barf Bag • Northwest Airlines

During a recent flight from Detriot, I took the liberty paper of adorning a vomit depository.

Ink on Business Cards • Vancouver Eateries

This Summer, the Mrs. and I took a trip across the Pacific Northwest. Along the way, I erected a number of miniature galleries on restaurant tabletops.

Acrylic on Canvas Paper • 12″x16″ • Donated to Charity

Acrylic and Ink on Paper • Tiny Hineys Clothing Boutique

Once upon a time there was an artist who perched himself in front of a children’s clothing store. The artist painted a series of fun-loving tykes on a big roll of canvas. All of the children in town were invited to help the artist color in the images. The artist and the children lived happily ever after.

Computer Embellished Drawing

A flyer created to promote MilkBoy Coffee’s monthly, Marrone-moderated, meeting of the minds.