Plastic Portraiture

I’ve been considering buying a fancy dancy camera so that I can take fancy dancier photos. A pal lent me his for a test drive and I did what any new father would do, I photographed some of my old action figures.

2 Responses to “Miniature Mug Shots”
  1. Murray says:

    So you were into obscure action heroes as a lad?? Poor Rocco, and we were going to send him some Mini Marvel guys. Fritz is toying with the idea of raising Evie “DC” and Noel “Marvel” (which is obviously one of the most important decisions a father needs to make for his child!!!). Have you considered how to raise Rocco yet?

    Glad you’re all doing well!

  2. joy says:

    I love this picture! haha, of all the great art on your site, I comment on this piece…oh well. I love it because it kind of goes with this really cool picture I have of a barbie type figure dressed in her wedding gown…her eyes cast downward to show the weight of whatever sad situation she might be in. I like to say that she lost her love on her wedding day. she’s so sad…the shadows say it all. you can only get good shadows with a really good camera.