Which Doctor
Ink on Paper • 2″x4″ • Private Collection

I suspect that a school nurse’s pass with a hand-drawn witch doctor is as effective as any other homeopathic treatment. If you think that this voodoo placebo would help you (or a loved one) battle an illness, plead your case in the comment section. I’ll happily mail him to the most deserving patient.

8 Responses to “Which Doctor”
  1. Yurii says:

    This is perfect! Just what the witch-doctor ordered! I’ve recently gone back to my previous line of work which now requires me to actually show up somewhere…ON TIME even (picky picky) and wouldn’tchaknowit…I got like..THE PLAGUE or something horrible and missed 3 weeks of work. (Great impression on the bosses I’m sure) I went back to work because of financial setbacks (stupid recession) and now I have setbacks on top of setbacks… Now, on top of that I’ve also been in a bit of a struggle with stalker-esque type behavior from an Ex and some other unpleasant little monkey.. nothing dangerous (I dont think) but troublesome nevertheless.. So this little talisman is just the perfect thing to ward off any more sicky icky evil or anything else wicked which comes my way, So that I may focus clearly on the important things in my life…like work, my art and being around some good good people.

    So there you have it. I plead my case. It’s now in your hands. Thank you!! Have a great day! 🙂

  2. Eileen Snyder says:

    As a life long weight watcher, I am failing miserably in my quest to get to the perfect Rosie O’Donnell weight of 200 pounds. As you can imagine I need a little help from the masked man. He could be my arbiter of change, so unless the new Bond is looking for a fat Bond girl, my career ambition is on hold unless I receive the golden fleece of gastronomic restraint.


  3. Maria says:

    My husband is really sick of some of the morons in his training class. He is the “old man” in his class and I don’t honestly know if he will survive until June 20th. He misses his wife and children and found he is highly allergic to institutional food. (It goes down hard when not followed by keg beer within 12 hours.) I don’t think the agents will accept the nurse’s pass…but maybe if he keeps it in his pocket it will keep the bad juju away and he won’t have to do so many punishment push-ups….

  4. Beth says:

    My 3rd grade son is a big fan of school nurses — He visits the nurse at Merion Elementary almost weekly.
    His complaints are major in his mind; the nurse & I think otherwise. Perhaps your witch doctor will keep him in class?

    🙂 Beth

  5. Steve says:

    My 3rd grade son escorts a buddy to the nurses office everyday so the boy can get his insulin shot. This which doctor may be just what the doctor ordered.

  6. lisa currie says:

    i’ve been staring your voddoo man down for ages tryna think of a decent need for healing power. i had none. but now my eyes sting uncontrollably, the static screen itch i think they call it.

    i blame your witch doctor and polietly request compensation.

  7. Hahri Shin says:

    Hi Mr. Marrone! Glad i’ve stumbled apon your website! I need to come back and visit you and Birch and everyone at Welsh Valley.

    So I work at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and my coworker in the cube across from me has been sick for couple weeks and doesnt seem to be getting any better, and its slowly spreading to other co workers.. I need the protection of the witch doctor to hang in my cube for protection against the spread of this voodoo sickness!

  8. Todd Marrone says:

    The decision was a tough one but I think my pal will voodoo his best to help Eileen slim down just in time for bikini season. Congratulations and good luck, Eileen!