Get Along
Computer Embellished Drawing

I created these vaporous goodwill ambassadors for a potential client. Unfortunately, the potential client didn’t see their potential. I’d hate to see Nimbus and Cumulus go to waste so drop me a line if you think you have a use for ’em.

One Response to “Get Along”
  1. Fran Johnson says:

    Last year my sister opened her very own daycare center in Bensalem. In an effort to promote diversity she researched different prints that were “geared” toward preschool age children. THEY WERE CORNEY. When I look at this drawing – I see (with my preschool mind) two “different” people (clouds) being friends and having fun. I would really think that Nimbus & Cumulus would love to help plant the seed of diversity into the minds of my sister’s daycare preschool children atTeddy Bear Academy.