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Wing Fest 2009
Computer Embellished Drawing • Donated to Charity

Every year, the Lower Merion School District hosts a wing-eating competition to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania. This is great news for sick kids but terrible news for chickens.

Last year, I placed in the top five. This year, I’m hoping that my tee design will help to sway the judges.

Space Odyssey 1
Space Odyssey 2Space Odyssey 3Space Odyssey 4
Acrylic on Paper • MilkBoy Main Stage

Longtime pal and collaborator, Bevan McShea, and I recently teamed up for another installment of Jazz Tactics. This time around, Bevan mixed, mashed and scratched audio from the 2001: A Space Odyssey Soundtrack while I spit out dozens of intergalactic, impromptu paintings.

Later that evening, Bevan “Starhaven” Mcshea unveiled his newest album, Iron Light.

Ye Olde Frat Sock Ale
Tastes Great… in Either Direction

Enjoy the latest episode of UsedWigs Radio, fueled by my first attempt at home brewing.

Speaking Of
Computer Embellished Drawing

A gossip-inspired tee graphic created for my pal(s) at Zero Boutique.

Paint Marker on Canvas Shoes • Private Collection

A couple of customized kicks concocted for a cool comrade.

This month’s Socrates Café question:

“Can a person really forgive?”

A penny for your thoughts.

Lance Barton
Lance Barton’s America

It’s always great to catch up with old work. Here’s a much appreciated snapshot of Lance Barton contemplating his investment in my 2000 painting, America.

Bat Boy
Computer Embellished Drawing

What’s a high school theater production without a spiffy accompanying tee design?

Pencil on Paper • 9″x12″ • Private Collection

My right hand has hogged the artistic spotlight for too long so I’ve begun doodling as a lefty. The above drawing was accomplished with my lesser half.

Iron Light

Join Bevan “Lightborn” McShea and I at MilkBoy Coffee on 1/22 as we reinterpret 2001: A Space Odyssey via turntables, paint and easels. Stick around as Bevan “Starhaven” McShea releases his new record, Iron Light.