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English Schoolgirls Reenvisioning my Artwork

As a middle school art teacher, I frequently introduce my students to the work of important artists and assign projects in their vain. Consequently, you can imagine how flattering, humbling and surreal it is to find out that students elsewhere are learning about me.

Here are a few of the annual snapshots that I receive from across the pond.

Every “system” should have an expiration date.

Computer Embellished Drawing

A ferocious new board graphic designed for Formation Skateboard Company. Speaking of, the company just slashed the prices of existing boards to make room for the new model. Check out their online store and get while the gettin’s good.

White Rocket
Ink on Paper • 7″x8″ • Available

Last night, I ventured into West Philadelphia to check out the city’s coveted avant-jazz series, Sci-Fi Philly. The first band, a spectacular jazz trio called White Rocket, compelled me to doodle my first live Sketchy Review.

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Adoption Photos

It’s always a pleasure to see a snapshot of my work sprucing up someone’s abode. If you have purchased, stolen, found, inherrited or won a piece of my art, please send me a photo to add to my collection.

Finer Things
The Finer Things

Tune into Podcast 58 as the boys and I chat about Facebook, ellipsis, depressing places, dentistry, Shepard Fairey and Ticketmaster while sipping Sam Adams Utopias.

The Scribble Project
Ink on Paper • 9″x12″ • Private Collection

Aussie art archivist, Lisa Currie, just launched an interesting digital endeavor called The Scribble Project. Primo doodlers are invited to complete a sketch-friendly questionnaire and mail it back for e-clusion. I’m flattered and excited to be a founding contributor.

This month’s Socrates Café question:

“Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?”

Chime in, out and over.

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Todd “The Incredible Bulk” Marrone, Competitive Eater

I recently competed in my second wing-eating contest. Similar to last year, I attempted to make up for what I lack in belly-size and gullet-circumference with an intimidating, costumed persona. Similar to last year, it did not work.

The fact that the event raised thousands of greenbacks for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Oncology Unit made the loss easier to swallow.

Skate to School 1
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Acrylic on Skateboard • Donated to Charity

I recently stumbled across this quartet of 3-year-old photos featuring my artistic contribution to the Patrick Kerr skateboard scholarship. During the “Skate to School” event, dozens of decks were adorned, appreciated and auctioned in the name of the fallen boarder.

Guess which one I painted.