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Panoramic Pics Parsed by Pano

As if I didn’t have enough reasons to adore my iPhriend, Pano comes along and enchants my pants off. Here are a few snaps, of everyday haunts, woven together in the palm of my hand. Thumbnails don’t properly convey the elongated splendor.

One Response to “Panorama Ding Dong”
  1. Russian Paul says:

    Yes and these are excelent reactgle pictures, Tod! Is top your room where you grow up?!? I would like you to paint MY room like this and enchants MY pants off! I do not yet have an IPhriend but will maybe find one soon so I can also do Panoramic Pics Parsed by Pano like you do it! I will do one of my YARD with heavy lifting bells! and then you will probaly ask me to enchants YOU pants off to give you some heavy lifting bells like I HAVE! Soon.

    twwet me Russian Paul at!