Computer Embellished Drawings

Formation Skateboard’s newly designed site features this roll down memory lane. It’s like my entire skateboard-designing life is flashing before my eyes.

3 Responses to “Rolling Along”
  1. Russian Paul says:

    yes and Tod i wish that when i am cut next i can have bandades like these ones! i would most like the one with tuna bones or the ades with faces eating other faces! or did you drawer the one of SAD VLAD for RUSSIAN PAUL?!?! Ha HA! his NECK is long and sprongy, no?!? very funy Tod! but did you know that many Russians are nemaed Vlad, yes, but this name is actually Vladimir and is SLAVIC?!? i will keep to teach you more of this things! i think that the perosn you drawerd TWO times with headcups looks more sad than SAD VLAD! not if they listen to GORKY PARK!!

  2. Todd Marrone says:

    Sad Vlad is the only design, for which I deserve (next to) no credit.

  3. Russian Paul says:

    yes and Tod this is OK! SAD VLAD is Slavic and is OK but not my favorite! the more i think on this the more i have decided that sad tuna bones is the bandade for me! i will have the one in blAck and white! not the one that is подобострастный зеленый и синий. can i have this? how many will be in a box?