A Bunch of Jung

An eagle-eyed pal spotted this piece of artwork dangling in the background of everyone’s favorite train wreck du jour. It’s not one of mine but shares the composition, subject, palette and aesthetic of much of my recent work. Should I chalk it up to collective subconscious or sue for custody of the kids?

2 Responses to “Jon & Kate Plus Todd?”
  1. Russian Paul says:

    yes and Tod I do not watch this show wreck du jour but in this picture you are showing does Jon & Kate Plus 8 not look like a deemon?!? HA! Look at the eyes and the teeths like a skalaton! HA HA! You must make a drawering or a painting of these things! Go and do this!

  2. Aaron Scamihorn says:

    Dude. I totally saw this a few times on Ace of Cakes. It’s in their shop. I would have sworn on my LIFE that it was yours. wildz.