Five Piece 2Five Piece 3Five Piece 4
Ink on Paper • 36″x48″ • Private Collection

Sure, I painted this rock quintet but the real credit belongs to the owner who framed, hung and lit the work far beyond my expectations.

3 Responses to “Five Piece”
  1. Adrienne says:

    So cool. I think I know who did this!

  2. Russian Paul says:

    yes and Tod i can recognize it when you painte music players! it is funy when they have teeth! is this your HOUSE Tod???? i like all of your glasses and yankee candles! and also you have super UFFO lights in your HOUSE and it makes it like crazy which is almost what i wuould say your house would be like! very nice!

  3. The Proud Owner says:

    Hey, Todd!
    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these pieces (as does everyone who stumbles in or out o’ my door)! The stage-lighting is synched-up with whatever song happens to be plying the atmosphere — I call ’em “The Band, Man,” and they play all requests! Thanks for gracing me with your wonderful ability, my Friend — Right on!