This month’s Socrates Café question:

“What is the proper function of religion in society?”

Thanks to the small, but devoted, group who chose philosophy over the Phanatic.

8 Responses to “October ‘09 Socrates Café”
  1. Paul Halpern says:

    Very lively discussion. I enjoyed it. No Phanatics but also no fanatics — very open-minded exchange of views.

  2. Randy says:

    None. Religion is a personal matter and can’t be used for social policies.

  3. Brian K. says:

    According to the Belief-O-Matic, I’m a Secular Humanist, not an Agnostic.

    Thanks Todd!

  4. Brian K. says:


    Try telling that to the Taliban.

  5. Russian Paul says:

    yes and Tod i have to think about religon and society! it is ok to belief in these things if you are not the Taliban! if there is an According to the Belief-O-Matic i would like to TRY this! but Randy also says it is NONE and that is ok. this is good and keep doing it!

  6. brad rothman says:

    Maybe as a bridge to ethics; rather an independent step.

  7. Matt H. says:

    I think religion belongs in society when society has failed. I think religion brings hope to those who need it, and in my opinion when the secular powers-that-be fail, religion is a good place to turn.

  8. Randy M Zeitman says:

    @Brian K….

    “Try telling that to the Taliban.”

    I did, and I will tell you what happened as soon as my limbs are reattached.