Acrylic & Paint Marker on Canvas • 24″ x 30″ • The Colabyrinth

Double dig a dramatic duel, dually designed by a duet of designers destined for The Colabyrinth.

6 Responses to “Duelet”
  1. Russian Paul says:

    Tod! look at all this screamy worms and more! this time you have the girl with legs of a robot in the MIDDLE of it! also isit a gun on this? to shoot a screamy worm? he haa! good! do it!

  2. Matt B. says:

    Hmmm, I see sperms attacking an ovum. It’s only been a month now….nightmares?

  3. Required says:

    Finally. Six worms have a laugh at a hairy cucumber being shot by a stripper. It’s like you read my mind.

  4. Todd Marrone says:

    Two of them are coughing snakes… you just don’t get it.

  5. Required says:

    My interpretation is they were all laughing at one point, but two of them tried to dine on the hairy cucumber, thus inducing the cough. There’s really no other way to look at it.

  6. Required says:

    It doesn’t matter if they’re coughing or they’re not…

    As long as they’re not.