Ink on Paper • 12″x12″ • Now Showing

Formed during a recent printmaking course, this printet will be featured in an upcoming two-person gig.


Art does not end, nor begin, with the artist. Images are consumed, produced and consumed again within an aesthetic ecosystem. I nudge my work, encourage it, steer it but I don’t make it from scratch nor do I individually own it. It doesn’t just create a dialogue, it is a dialogue. I am a participant in the conversation. A rung in the ladder. A thread in the tapestry.

This series represents relationships between me, visual and musical influences, the audience, a handful of artists whom I worked alongside and the photographer who shares the two-person show… to name just a few.

3 Responses to “Sound & Vision”
  1. Jamie Leigh Grace-Duff says:

    What I think is amazing about your work, is that no matter the medium, you are able to keep the same artistic integrity. Ok, that is so not how I mean to say that! What I mean is that I know it is a Todd Marrone, be it painted, digitally created, inked on a napkin or carved out of linoleum! As a graduate student in costume design, I have to create renderings for each show I work on and I have been experimenting with watercolor, collage, etc. but I haven’t achieved that solid style yet – oh that is Jamie Grace-Duff. Congratulations on all your medium explorations and such iconic work!

  2. Todd Marrone says:

    Different food cooked in the same wok has a similar flavor.

  3. Berg says:

    Perhaps, but it’s really the cook who determines the ultimate flavor (and overall goodness) of the food being cooked. I have made some pretty inedible garbage using expensive cookware. The artist is the cook, not the wok or the food, yes? I can say this – I’ve seen some of your napkins!