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Acrylic and Oil Stick on Canvas • 13″x11″ • Painted Over

I don’t know what I just did but I know I just did it. It may be upside down.

Guests: Madame Fromage & Nikki Walter

Topics: Cheese, Cheese Tastings, Cheese Pairings, Cheese Angels, Cheese Caves, Cheesemongers, Raw Milk Cheese, Stinky Cheese, Accidents, Songs Stuck in Your Head, Fresh Beat Band, Chumbawamba, Red Lobster, Eli Braden, Michael Ian Black and More Cheese!

Playlist: “UsedWigs Jingle” by Eli Braden, “Prepared to Be Minded” by Rob Crow and “Good Thing It’s A Ghost Town Around Here” by Still Flyin’

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Computer Embellished Drawing

Here’s an alternative to the cornucopia of cornucopia clip art.

Computer Embellished Drawing

This illustration was recently featured in Carbon Copy Magazine. Perhaps you have the urge to color it in. Satisfy that urge.