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Guests: Anna Goldfarb & Molly Davis

Topics: Holiday Fun, Worst Gifts, Dating Do’s and Don’ts, Gift Cards, Homemade Bikes, Fruit Presents, Twitter, Men’s Fragrances, Tiny Husbands, Awkward Hugs, Christmas Music, Uncanny Valley, New Year’s Eve Hookups and The Kinks.

Teaser: Yankee Candles, they say “I hate you!” and “She likes light!”

Playlist: “All I Want is Truth (For Christmas)” by The Mynabirds, “Winter Vacation” by The Subjects and “Only at Christmas Time” by Sufjan Stevens.

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Sketchy Characters

Pal and colleague, Kevin Ginsberg, and I were recently art-mortalized by the fine folks of First Person Arts for our contributions to their bimonthly StorySlams. Our mugs, along with a dozen or so others, will grace the margins of Slam-related marketing materials.

Computer Embellished Painting

Formation Skateboards’ newest crop of cruisers is rolling of the assembly line, soon to be rolling down a street near you.

Ink on Paper • Main Line, Philadelphia

I painted these giant banners during a recent fundraising event at Lower Merion High School, because I like art and hate cancer. Who’s with me?

Formation Skateboards has an attractive new site featuring an unattractive old man (left). Lorenzo (right) has become a founder figure to me:

I was fourteen years old when I approached my middle school art teacher, Todd Marrone, with the idea of starting my own skateboard company. Six year later, we have evolved into a new kind of skateboard brand. Formation offers limited quantity products created by a network of artists from all over the world. Each and every Formation deck, is crafted in a small batch and will never be reproduced again.

Support your local skate shop.


Meg Wilcox • The Welsh Valley Times • December, 2011

Mr. Marrone is an art teacher here at Welsh Valley Middle School. When you see him from a far you might think he’s just an average Joe, but Mr. Marrone is anything but an average guy. Mr. Marrone is one of the most interesting of people you’ll ever meet, and I was here interviewing him to find that out!

Mr. Marrone does a lot of things besides art. He podcasts online, designs t- shirts, plays video games, reads, listens to music, and loves to hang out with his wife and kids. His favorite genre of music is jazz/alternative. He is currently designing a t-shirt for Nike, which will be out soon. Mr.Marrone can also do some pretty weird things; he can whistle through his ears, and balance things on his chin. (more…)