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Computer Embellished Drawing

A student doodled this when he should have been working. I digitized and colorized it when I should have been working. I think it works.

Computer Embellished Painting

Formation introduces our first batch of cruiser completes.

All cruisers are one of a kind and hand crafted in Pennsylvania.
We stuck with traditional screen printing for these guys with each board offering a unique background design. You never know which one you may get as they all are assorted.

These are limited edition and will never be reprinted.

To say that I’m terribly proud of my students is a terrible understatement. Consider helping me celebrate their artistic accomplishments over juice and Vienna Fingers.

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 21st, 1:00-4:00PM
Main Line Art Center
746 Panmure Rd. Haverford, PA

StorySlam at L’Etage

There are storybook weddings and there are StorySlam weddings.

Computer Embellished Print

A drawing becomes a print. A print becomes a design. A design becomes a T-shirt. T-shirts are worn at an event. And so on.

Acrylic • Underground Arts at the Wolf Building

The Philadelphia Inquirer just ran a feature featuring an arts venue that features my art.