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Guests: Peter Cortner (Dag Nasty), Bevan McShea (The Phoenix Veil) & comedian Rachel Bensen

Topics: Female Comedian Problems, Bobbleheads, Hobo Overkill, Comforters, Bad Roommates, Annoying Marathon Runners, Popcorn Cooking Tips, Cheap Trick, Fugazi, City Gardens, Punk Shows, First Punk Bands You Loved, Dinosaur Rock and Bands You’ll Always Go See.

Playlist: “Dag Nasty,” “Under Your Influence” and “All Ages Show” by Dag Nasty. “A Novel Idea” and “Fathers” by The Phoenix Veil.

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Paint on Folding Chairs • Private Collection

I dyed these chairs because Jesus died on the cross. Allegedly.

StorySlam at World Cafe Live

Here’s the story behind the art under people’s behinds.

StorySlam at World Cafe Live

Yesternight, I shared a story about sharing my art. Then, I shared my art by hiding it under the chairs in the audience. I’m like a slightly heavier Oprah.

South Street, Philadelphia

My 4-year-old son and I encountered this man, with intellectual disabilities, on the street this evening. He was enthusiastically handing out treats to every passing kid. My son was thrilled and I was moved. He is, and will probably always be, my fondest Easter memory. If you make fun of him, I will kill you.

Happy Easter.

Poem by Maya Angelou • Paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Tempera & Oil Pastel on Paper • 24″x18″ • Student Work

In 1993, the powerful words of African American poet, author and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou, were blended with the brave imagery of the late Multicultural American painter, Jean-Michel Basquiat, to create a stirring children’s book, titled Life Doesn’t Frighten Me. In 2012, a balding middle school art teacher blended that book with 8th grade art instruction to create a stirring blog post, titled Life Doesn’t Frighten Me.

Acrylic on Paper • 12″x18″ • Free to Good Homes

I’ve been busily making many art jawns for this upcoming story jawn.