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Computer Embellished Drawing

Here’s a sneak peek of one of my slide images for an upcoming TED talk. As you’ve probably guessed, my presentation is about the dangerous effects of incandescent bulbs hovering over people’s heads

Guests: Mike Garcia (Comedian & Former Student)

Topics: Learning to Ride a Bike, Feeling Old at Concerts, Stand-Up Comedy, Crazy School Trips, Beastie Boys, MCA, Todd Was a Horrible Young Person, Class Clowns/Jerks, Broken Noses, Harmless Pranks, Destroying Pianos, Open Mics, Stop Motion Animation, Giant T-Shirts and Kid Hernias.

Playlist: “Neighborhood Song” by Restorations and “Bittersweet Sympathy” by When Saints Go Machine

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Ink on Hat • 7 1/8 • Private Collection

One of my most talented art students let me vandalize her hat. Someday, when she’s famous, I’ll put this on my resume.

Ink on Paper • 4″x6″ • Private Collection

Sometimes I wear cargo shorts, and sometimes I fill the pockets with markers and paper, and sometimes I doodle while I’m out. I made these one of those times.

Computer Embellished Drawing

Hate is relative.

Mosaic Mural • 10’x22′ • Welsh Valley Middle School

The Welsh Valley Middle School community recently teamed with one of Philadelphia’s most prolific and preeminent artistic visionaries, Isaiah Zagar, to create a monumental work of art. The project was spurred by a generous grant from the Lower Merion Education Foundation and further supported by LMSD administration, Welsh Valley Student Government and the Home & School Association.

Most every student worked to embellish Zagar’s original composition by creating, placing and polishing each individual tile. In addition to embodying communal harmony and the collaborative process, the work serves as a celebration of the life of a fallen student and friend, Sean King. Just like the installation dedicated in his name, Sean’s impact will continue to beautify and inspire for many years to come.