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TEDx at Lower Merion School District

You can’t spell yammer without “me.”

Acrylic & on Cardboard Boxes • Private Collection

“Why would someone in their right mind paint all over cardboard boxes?” – Your Aunt

Pete Bannan • Main Line Times • June, 2012

Students and teachers at Welsh Valley Middle School recently unveiled their new mosaic designed by renowned Philadelphia artist Isaiah Zagar. The artist’s Magic Gardens is a famed destination on South Street and his murals grace buildings around Philadelphia. (more…)

Acrylic & Paint Marker on Skateboard • Private Collection

Do I have something on my face?

Computer Embellished Drawings

I recently used my power of graphic design to assist Emily and her Entourage fight against Cystic Fibrosis. Join us in the fight.

Computer Embellished Drawings • Photo by Jonathan Nimerfroh

Here’s a collection of PowerPoint images that I created to correspond with a recent TED talk. I did more talking than TEDing.

Laytex on Wall • 20’x7′ • The Feldmans’ Basement

My collaborator, Ben Feldman, and I recently put the finishing touches on a collabor-intensive, monumental mural. The work is based on a composition, based on Ben’s doodles, based on Ben’s imagination. It’s quite a scene.

Acrylic & Paint Marker on Canvas Shoes • Private Collection

If God didn’t want me to draw on my students’ shoes, he wouldn’t have made them out of canvas.

I’ll be telling a horrendous story while people try to drink lattes.

Wednesday, June 20th, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Shot Tower Coffee
542 Christian St. Philadelphia, PA