Computer Embellished Drawing

You know the old story… Guy teaches art for 15 years. Guy needs a change. Guy takes a job as a 7th grade gifted teacher. Guy struggles to make sense of it all by making ornate illustrations for his eBoard. It’s as old as the hills.

5 Responses to “Gift Exchange”
  1. Bevan says:

    I once had an Art History professor who ate all of the paintings.

  2. Marley says:

    what happened at the end of the story about the guy?

  3. Jamie Grace-Duff says:

    I never got to really play with the gifted program, but I did take a lot of AP and advanced classes. What stood out for me was creating larger projects that crossed disciplines and really made us work hard, think hard and create something that ended up being really personal. My AP Psych class had us researching learning styles and experimenting with them in the classroom and then extrapolating that information into a research paper restructuring the entire school system. In theater, we improvised an updated version of the Myth Persephone, which really had us looking into what the characters represented and how we could best adapt them to our own time and place. A lot of these experiences helped me to realize that things I was learning were not isolated to their subject matter – science lived outside of the lab, literature was influential in history/geography class, etc. which may seem obvious to some, but it really exploded my way of thinking and obviously still rings true today.

  4. Ricky (student) says:

    so thats what happend to you were have you been come back to art we need you art is not fun anymore come back

  5. Todd Marrone says:

    Still writing it.