How special do middle school students think their “specials” are? Well, take a look at some of the opinions shared by 7th grade students (names have been changed to protect the brilliant).

  • Mr. Marrone – At last night’s school board meeting, there was a proposal to reduce art, music, phys ed and foreign language at the elementary schools. Why do you think the district would propose something like that? Do you agree with the proposal?
  • Colonel Mustard – I think that they choose to do this because of the funding, which i think is crazy because they fund things that we don’t even need.
  • Mr. Green – It is so they have more time to do core curriculum material.
  • Miss Scarlett – And to build fences.
  • Mr. Green – I think they should just make no half days or movies in school and they would have time.
  • Dr. Black – I agree completely with Miss Scarlett.
  • Mrs. Peacock – I don’t think that LMSD has any problem financially. The only thing they are concerned about is the PSSA’s so they are focusing on curriculum classes. If they were concerned with money they wouldn’t have built the fence. I think this is absolutely disgusting because when you are young that is the most important time to learn about things other than core subjects-find out what things you like, like music. Cutting back on the arts is the first step to the world being controlled by robots.
  • Mr. Marrone – The robots wait anxiously in the wings…
  • Miss Peach – Its all about money. They did it in my old school district. If someone would open up their wallets and donate, then we wouldn’t be in this predicament. Also they’re closing down CAPA in philly. It was a preforming arts experimental magnet school, but they haven’t produced any great talent since the 80s. Its pretty sad (that their best talent was in the 80 including Boys to Men and the Roots.) On a lighter note, I doubt that the elementary schools will loose their arts. Many parents in this community have the means to help stop this from happening.
  • Madame Rose –  I think that the school thinks if they devote more time to subjects we are tested on at a state level, our scores will be higher and this will result in more funds. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. They should know students well enough to realize that 15 extra minutes of math doesn’t equal 15 minutes of increased intelligence. I’d bet a large sum of money that that 15 minutes would be spent with eyes glazed over, wishing you could get to gym or art or another class that you enjoy more. I understand their logic but kids don’t care about standardized testing and it’s cruel to replace their favorite subjects with more prep.
  • Mrs. White – That’s crazy. I don’t know why they would ever think to do something like that. Reducing art, music, gym, and foreign language would not benefit us at all and it just isn’t fair to take away those things.
  • Miss Scarlett – People are all different. It is not fair that some classes that play to the different people’s strengths are cut, and the classes that they’re bad at, remain. School is about learning. But learning is not all about the basic stuff. When we grow up, chances are, we’ll need to know music or art more than say, the Magna Carta.
2 Responses to “Kids Type the Darndest Things”
  1. kate says:

    The fence comments are funny if you don’t know the context. They don’t mean mending fences, folks. They mean the completely ridiculous and prison-like fences that were put up around part of the school grounds as a knee jerk to Sandy Hook. And the really stupid thing is the whole back of the campus is open anyway. I have spoken to some people who are on the ground for the SD and they hate the fences. One guy that was working outside WV the other day said he was at the school for a fire drill and the kids could barely move through the gate entry masse.Tha is safe. Even though this blog has little to do with fences, except as symbolism for trapping the children’s minds in boring thought, that is the fence story.

  2. Debra (@teacherdebra) says:

    If only the board and the admin listened to the students, maybe they would see what a mess they are making, and what a disservice they are doing to them. There are so many ridiculous responses to things that I don’t even know where to start. School is being reduced to numbers- testing, scoring, standardizing, evaluating- when it should be about the learning and the growth of individuals with the capacity to connect, communicate, collaborate and question. It blows my mind that this is what it has come to. Where are the educators on these committees?