Water-Based Ink on Belly • Not for Sale

Nursery murals are cliché. Customized wombs are all the rage now.

8 Responses to “Belly-ffiti”
  1. Angel says:

    Super cool, how special that will be when he/she is here and sees that! I want one when im blessed with the package!:)

  2. Brian K. says:

    There’s something about that photo that makes it almost impossible to look away. Fabulous job, guys!

  3. Heather Hall says:

    It’s the wooden fence.

  4. gonzo says:

    sammy says, ‘do you think that’s safe?’

    i say coool

    and congratulations so exciting

  5. Cheri says:

    wow she looks amazing…I hope i get to met the little f-er

  6. Desiree says:

    I love it!!!!! You guys have to let me come see the baby after s/he’s born, since I couldn’t come to the baby shower. I love you guys! Ttyl, Desiree

  7. Shaunna says:

    This is brilliant, I Love it! And Heather looks too beautiful!!!

  8. KH says:

    Heather, you are gorgeous.
    HT, brilliant!