Acrylic & Paint Marker on Retired Library Books • Private Collection

A septet representing the dozens of hand-painted books cluttering up my studio as of late. Because these books are on their way out of circulation (as opposed to on their way in), I feel a little like a literary mortician.

One Response to “Book Club”
  1. kristin says:

    This reminds me of a local artist here in San Antonio. She would draw on the covers of old books, or cut shapes out of the pages like a small pop-up book and then sign them and hide them around the city. If someone was lucky enough to find one (like behind a dumpster), then they would be the lucky owners of the piece. And I thought it was cool until a recent trip to Anthropologie. If you know anything about the store, they have great eclectic stuff to purchase and fill your home with. Anyway, I saw this book and I thought, “wow, I found one of her books hidden in a store… its mine!”. Then I turned the book over for further inspection and I found a $250 price tag. I can’t believe a retail store was selling her art as its own product.

    Anyway, I like your books.