Gone Dog
Computer Embellished Drawing

A friendly fan recently wrote about recently loosing his K9 comrade. This tattribute will guarantee the pooch’s proper place as right hand man’s best friend.

2 Responses to “Gone Dog”
  1. Russian Paul says:

    yes Tod and this is a crazy looking dog! can you imagine if they could REALLY see thrugh a dogs face to see his tung like you have drawen?!? this would be an excellent dog to have but i would not want it in pink and yellow as you do because these are not the colors of a powering dog. i would want a dog that was thacking and black and had MANY more teeth for hunting and chagging! also one with the same eyes and not two different things like the one you have drawen. thank you it’s FRIDAY!

  2. donna e says:

    Love, love, love russian paul. ‘chagging’ ‘thacking’ ‘drawen’