FS and LSS
Computer Embellished Drawing

A deck design marking the brothership between Formation Skateboards and Langhorne Ski & Sport.

2 Responses to “Duck, Duck, Moose”
  1. Jamie says:

    hehehe, awesome! Love the facial expression!

  2. Russian Paul says:

    yes and tod this is a great way to actually have a happy monday when mondays are NOT SO HAPPY! but i check you to see new paints and here is one of a голодные лоси and i do not know how to say it in Amrica (is is bufflow? i dont know really) and it is wearing A HAT! with a PUFF ON TOP!!!! HA!!! and he says FSLSSSSSS….the sound of making gases! HEH! and he makes gas face! I KNOW IT!!! more soon, Tod!

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