This month’s Socrates Café question:

“What are the qualities that enhance or discourage seeing the world as it really is?”

8 Responses to “September ‘09 Socrates Café”
  1. Lisa says:

    Great to meet you at Soc. Caf. this evening! I just made the connection that you are the artist that makes the MB posters with the awesome people on them !!! I had a lot of fun tonight at the event, and can’t wait ’til next month! Great to have good convo. at an inspiring venue !

    Ciao –


  2. brad says:

    Love or the lack there of

  3. Russian Paul says:

    yes and Tod this is a very good question. if you are wearing eyeglasings that are from another person and having their medical numbers, you will NOT see the world as it is. if you then put on the right eyeglasings, you will see the world as it really is. also if it is dark in the night you will not see the world as it is but instead it will be harder to see especially if no lights are there. a big light can help this but it is much safer and easier in daytimes. make sure to always wear hats that have big enough holes for your eyes and you will see the world OK!

  4. Bevan says:

    the purest truth and eternal truth is spiritual…so perceiving the world and universe spiritually gives peace and generates loving kindness…yet it is difficult to do in a materialistic and violent world at times

  5. Russian Paul says:

    yes and Beevan you also know that i know that the pureest truth is earthernal! i have also though that loving gives generates spiritually, and kindness is difficult to do. but also there are violent things in violent worlds like bears but you can just stay away from these and do not EVER try to feed them very close because they will bite you VERY hard.

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  6. Russian Paul says:

    Yes and Lisa Tood is the artist who paintings the awersome people on the paintings he is making. I am looking at them fine at always! Bokmark it now!
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  7. Warren Irons says:


  8. Rob Putnam says:

    Hey, thanks for the provoking topic. A buddy of mine told me that there were meetings going on at Milkboy. (Confession: I have fantasies for French Intellectual Salon Life (left over from high school ha ha : – ) ) )

    Anyway, so it sounds crazy but I was actually just thinking about this ! I was trying to get to the Socrates cafe but I was running late. And I run late often so I started to think that maybe it changes the way I see the world! I can never see the “real” world that other people get to experience because I’m always late!

    I’ve missed out on so many beginnings……..