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Rain Machine
Computer Embellished Drawing

Last Friday evening, I caught up with TV on the Radio’s/Rain Machine’s Kyp Malone in the greenest of Philadelphia greenrooms. I doodled this Sketchy Review, during his set.

Look for my interview with his Kypness in an upcoming UsedWigs Radio Podcast.

Primer Gallery

Celebrate First Friday with me… Hatboro-style, as I create a mural-sized line painting before your very eyes. Music, munchies and spirits will be on hand to attack (or dull) the remaining senses. Still not convinced? I’ll toss, hand, raffle, grant, distribute and give free paintings away all night long.

Friday, November 6th,  6:00 – 11:00ish PM (Performance 7:00 – 9:00ish PM)
Primer Gallery
15 Byberry Rd. Hatboro, PA

Bull Skull 2Bull Skull 3Bull Skull 4
Bull Skull 5Bull Skull 6Bull Skull 7
Acrylic & Paint Marker on Skull • Private Collection

I’ve finally graduated from bullsh*t artist to bull skull artist.

UsedWigs Radio
Wa Wa Wa

TV spin-offs, disappointing gifts, Planet of The Apes, canned beer, Beatles Rock Band, the Worst Smell Ever and more… conviently packed into Podcast 67. Take it with you anywhere.

Crayon on Placemat • Main Line, Philadelphia

At restaurants, crayons keep my son busy and quiet… and me busier and quieter.

This month’s Socrates Café question:

“What is the proper function of religion in society?”

Thanks to the small, but devoted, group who chose philosophy over the Phanatic.

Mini Me 2Mini Me 3Mini Me 4
Ink on Folded Paper • Private Collection

PaperTodd SquarePants… with a little help from Ready Mech.

Ink on Beverage Napkins • New York, New York

Enjoy a glimpse of the dozens of customized bev naps left in the wake of big apple bar-hopping.

Dragon Pride
Computer Embellished Drawing

Many moons ago, I created this logo for my professional home, Welsh Valley Middle School. In recent moons, it’s been reappreciated, resurrected and reused by the powers that be. Look for it on a mug near you.

Sparkle Mural 1Sparkle Mural 2Sparkle Mural 3
Acrylic • Posh Park Avenue Pad

“Sweetheart, remember when we threw that Sparkle party and a guy showed up in sequin pants and painted all over our wall? Why didn’t we have him arrested?”