In the home where I grew up, on the inside of the bathroom cabinet door, were two crudely drawn boots along with the phrase:


Why someone would scrawl that there has plagued me for thirty years. Perhaps “plagued” is too strong a word.

2 Responses to “We Don’t Make Boots Here”
  1. Jandek Phil says:

    Easy: Kids used the cabinet as some kind of playhouse/shopfront. Clearly they had issues with their patrons thinking they made boots.

  2. Russian Paul says:

    yes and Tod sometimes to have a sink you will also have boots, Tod. you can see it if you go and do this. do you know that sometimes when washing you must take the boots off but in old times the men could only pour water down into the boot to clean the feet and sock. if your house is old then the men will to wear boots when building this and also the sink. do you see it?