Ink on Stationary • 3″x6″ • Free to a Good Home

I filled a rainy day at the beach by filling a tablet of beach-flavored stationary with face-filled doodles. Tell me one good reason why I should put them in an envelope and mail them to you and I’ll put them in an envelope an mail them to you.

7 Responses to “Vacationary”
  1. Shannon says:

    Dear Todd,
    Our office/creative engine room walls need more Todd art! (Ask Adrienne for a stamp and we’ll pay her back!) 🙂
    Shannon and Brett

  2. tim padget says:

    hello todd,
    i am a painter from delco pa i am 17 years old and i think you art work is so awesome and i would really like to frame and hang it in my studio at my house.
    o and i had a question, some fellow artists and i from the area are doing a art show at our local skateshop logic board shop in havertown pa, it is gonna be called “just another art show” it will be sept. 10 and i was wondering if u have any tips on how to get people intrested. we are making flayers and posting it on the site and spreading the word but is there anything else we can do ?

  3. Colin Helb says:

    I love envelopes. Stuff in ’em just makes ’em better.

  4. Sofie Seymour says:

    …because I did a caricature of one of the kids on my trip just the other day, and when I looked at it, I thought, hey, this is sort of in Mr. Marrone’s style…and cause I’m going to be a Senior in IB this year, and I’m going to need something fun like beach flavored stationary filled with face-doodles to look at when I think my brain’s about to explode 🙂

  5. Rob Turner says:

    i’ve spent my entire life by the beach, in a small sea-side town, and am getting ready to move into the city for the first time,farrrrr from any sand,salty water or angry birds.
    this’d certainly be a nice momento.

  6. Rob Turner says:


    *i’d gladly pay postage
    *also,big podcast fan

  7. Todd Marrone says:

    I’m very flattered by everyone’s enthusiasm and interest. It was difficult to choose the worthiest reason/recipient but the bundle is headed to Ms. Seymour in an effort to avert a brain explosion.

    Others, if you absolutely can’t live without an original Marrone doodle… e-mail me and we’ll arrange something.