Candice to the Rescue • Photo by Bruce Sheftel

This month’s Socrates Café was masterfully moderated by longtime participant, Candice. Handing over moderating duties was doubly delightful because it gave me the opportunity to be an overtly opinionated participant AND the confidence that the group will continue to thrive beyond my tenure.  This month’s question:

“I am reluctant to retire my shoes; is God the reluctance I experience?”

If the shoe fits…

2 Responses to “October ‘10 Socrates Café”
  1. Paul Halpern says:

    If you are reluctant to retire your shoes, and shoes have soles, and a soul means something beyond the material realm, and God is beyond the material realm, I would wager that the reluctance is a kind of velcro that keeps ones feet firmly in place.

    Glad to see that Socrates Cafe will likely continue!

  2. Bruce says:

    Do you know the tale of the fish?
    Ironically, I learned it at Harvard……

    A class of biology graduate students come to study spiders……
    The first day of class, the renowned professor places a fish before each of them and asks, “What do you see?…”
    This goes on for more than a week, until the students are questioning the professor’s reputation.
    After a heated exchange with a disgruntled student, the professor calmly added to his daily inquisition, “……and what can you tell me…?”
    The next day, a student stands and says to the professor that the students had exhausted their descriptions of the fish and were at their wits end to move the professor on to their area of interest, spiders….
    “Has anyone yet grasped the lesson…?” the professor intoned gently to his class of weary and testy students.
    In the silence that filled the room, the professor simply said, “It is about seeing, not the fish.”

    I think the professor points me to where I can begin to consider this month’s question.