Grace Copeland • February, 2012

In this essay you will learn about Todd Marone, an amazing artist! Todd Marrone is a one of a kind artist! He lives in Philadelphia, and is the Welsh Valley Middle School art teacher. He has a very interesting life that I enjoyed learning about. Todd’s artwork is different but really cool! His artwork will make you say, “ WOW!” He is a wonderful teacher and artist! The first time he picked up a crayon he drew a face (past the scribbling stage) and he was only a young toddler.

Todd Marrone was born in 1974 to his parents, Michael and Cynthia Marrone. When he was two years old he lived in a small apartment in Bristol, Pennsylvania. He spent most of the time as a baby sleeping, crying and eating. He later moved to a small house in Levittown, Pennsylvania. As soon as he picked up a crayon, his parents knew he would be an artist, but his grandfather thought he would be a professional athlete. His parents were never artists, but his mom enjoys interior design. His father could draw well, but not do it as a profession. His parents are still alive today.

When Todd was five years old he moved again, with his parents and his dog Chum to Morristown, Pennsylvania. Chum would eat ANYTHING! When Todd was young, Marrone used to be pronounced Maroni. At Michael Marrone’s work, everyone would pronounce it Marrone even though Todd’s father said, “No, Maroni!” Finally his father said, “ Ok, pronounce it Marrone.” Whenever someone would pronounce it Maroni, they knew it was an old friend.

Some of Todd Marrone’s inspiration as a child was comic books, 80’s pop culture and video games, because of this he wanted to become a monster movie makeup artist. He chose to make this type of artwork because he saw something like it and got inspired. Todd Marrone went to Pennsberry High School. In high school the teachers liked his sarcasm so much they shared his company in staff office! His high school teachers knew he was destined for greater things. In high school, he had no art lessons! After high school he went to Kutztown University located between Allentown and Reading, Pennsylvania. He had a major in communication, English (he wanted to be an English teacher) and Art ED. In college he grew a lot as an artist. Kutztown taught him a lot of new techniques for his art. During college he realized he loved working with children because of his student teaching. He did student teaching in an elementary school and high school for about six to seven weeks. He chooses to become an art teacher because all he studied in college is offered as an art teacher.

When Todd Marrone was 15 years old he was selling his artwork at comic book conventions and comic book stores. A lot of his artwork is displayed at cafés and galleries. At 17, he owned at operated his own sign and painting company, but he was the only employee! His first published piece was on a Rolling Rock poster. His favorite piece of artwork is the Guernica by Picasso. His favorite piece of artwork that he did is the most recent. He likes drawing the best; he makes his art by drawing random shapes then adding faces. One of his heroes is a boy at Welsh Valley who drew an AMAZING car but only had arms up to his elbows and drew like that! Whenever Mr. Marrone has finished a piece of artwork he feels certain happiness. Mr. Marrone basically paints on anything he can get his hands on!

I choose this artist because his art is different! You don’t see something like what his artwork looks like everyday. I thought it would be cool to do a local artist because then I can interview him. I even have a piece of Mr. Marrone’s artwork! He was also my brother’s mentor! My friend at Welsh Valley said Mr. Marrone was really funny! The best part is I could have him next year at Welsh Valley as an art teacher.  He knows all my siblings so it would be cool that everybody in my family besides my parents had him!

I hope you enjoyed reading this essay about an AMAZING artist. I worked very hard on this essay. I was very excited to do this artist. Todd Marrone is currently married and has two children named Rocco and Matilda. He also has a cat named Mokey. His children are currently one and three years old. Todd Marrone still loves to paint, draw and design today. Cross your fingers I have him next year!

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