Acrylic on Canvas • 36″x24″ • Commissioned Work

Here’s a painting I made for my tweeting pal, MJ, and his beautiful birdette.

Baby Baby Baby 1
Baby Baby Baby 2Baby Baby Baby 3Baby Baby Baby 4
Acrylic on Canvas • 48″x30″ • Commissioned Work

The good news is… your ol’ man made a painting of some of your favorite Sesame Street characters. The bad news… it’s for somebody else. Life is bitter sweet.

Acrylic on Canvas • 16″x16″ • Commissioned Work

Owls aren’t as bright as the media would have you believe. Don’t be fooled by their frequent depiction wearing glasses and/or a graduate cap.

Acrylic on Canvas • 18″x24″ • Commissioned Work

One of two custom pieces depicting a long-time collector’s lovely daughters.