Computer Generated

Once again, I’m proud to have lent an eye and mouse to longtime comrades, MATTOWAX. Gone Tomorrow Here Today marks their third and most righteous studio effort.

The design features a digital illustration by DragonArtz.

Everything I Know is Wrong
Computer Generated

Another Science-related EP cover cooked up for my pals, MATTOWAX. Web visitors impressed me with their accurate interpretations of January’s Most Likely To Succeed. It shouldn’t be too tough for the astute armchair astronomer to crack this one.

Withdrawn Show 1Withdrawn Show 2Withdrawn Show 3Withdrawn Show 4
Withdrawn Show 5Withdrawn Show 6Withdrawn Show 7
Acrylic on Paper • MilkBoy Acoustic

Last Saturday evening, Milkboy Acoustic hosted a reception for my month-long art installation, Withdrawn. The evening featured musical performances by my pals, The Hulihees and Mattowax. I painted live throughout both sets resulting in dozens of original works and a sore shoulder.