Limes and Lemons
Acrylic & Oil Stick on Canvas • 24″x36″ • Private Collection

Conceived during a live performance, accompanying a Hulihees song of the same name, and chromatically concluded in my studio.

8 Responses to “Limes and Lemons”
  1. anemi says:

    Todd, your site looks great, and what wit! heY! I am highly amused by your bio/about section. I look forward to keeping up with your newsletter. bester Respekts,
    ~ anemi

  2. Russ says:

    First off, I was a fan of your “screaming worms” phase that manifested itself in the “Withdrawn” series – but I am a major fan of this current phase you seem to be in. This piece, along with the others posted just a little bit previously on this site, is an awesome marriage of your simpler block-line style and your more ambitious work with color and texture. I’m loving these color choices and the additional patterns within each outlined segment that they create – adds a degree of complexity that I’m really digging. Carry on, Marrone!

    Beyond that, love the new site background – and, I’m honored that my wife’s legs appear in the top right of the first site banner I saw on your site. Sexy!

  3. kristin says:

    I don’t know if its the fact that in their crowded state they don’t appear uncomfortable at all, or the fact that they are not painted with a pallet that resembles the obvious greens and yellows of the citrus they represent. Whatever it is, its wonderful.

  4. Louise says:

    New site additions and set-up look really great. Easy to get around, all web-sites should be so easy to navigate for oldsters like me! nice work! Louise

  5. Judy says:

    Todd, Your site is awesome. It’s easy for this “young” lady to navigate. I love looking at you paintings. They make me laugh! HUGS

  6. suelynne in the city says:

    Todd, love your funny writing: I’m reading yours for inspiration on writing my own blurb… you have a great site.

    Lemons and limes…they’re squeezed together like fruit, and loving there’s not a citrus color!

  7. joy says:

    music and art happening all at once! how wonderful!

  8. Leah says:

    Hi I really like this painting how do I get it?